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Zeng Yong, general manager

Zeng Yong, general manager

● Central South University Mechanical Engineering
● Sales Manager of Jingyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
● Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Shengyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
● General Manager of Hunan Adio Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Yu Weiguo Vice President of Magnetic Core Project Technology

Yu Weiguo Vice President of Magnetic Core Project Technology

● Department of Physics, Nanjing University, Senior Engineer
● Research direction: development and application of magnetic materials
● Engaged in research and development and production of magnetic materials for more than 30 years
● Selected as a “Young and Middle-aged Industry Technology and Academic Leader” in Nanjing. Selected by the Communist Party of China History Publishing House and the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, "Nanjing Contemporary Characters and Talents"
● Jiangsu Province Provincial Achievement Award (1 item), Nanjing City-level Achievement Award (9 items)
Deng Dou Finance Director

Deng Dou Finance Director

● Accountant
● Yixin Taima Industry Garment Industry Co., Ltd. Accounting
● Jinrui New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (600390) is in charge of accounting
● Chief Financial Officer of Zaozhuang Jintai Electronics Co., Ltd.
● Finance Director of Sihui City Bowen Industrial Co., Ltd.
● Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of Hunan Adio Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Li Kongjun MLCC project leader

Li Kongjun MLCC project leader

● Inorganic non-metal specialty of Hunan University
● Deputy Director of Technology Department of Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Co., Ltd.
● Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Chuangtian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
● Chief Engineer and Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Fenghua Bangke Electronics Co., Ltd.
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